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Les 9 Mondes commit to stocking only the necessary data on the servers, to allow you to interact with us. The data you choose to share with us will serve to identify you during your visit, to process your messages and orders, to manage the website and for our own marketing needs only.
Your data can be transmitted to third parties only within the range or your interactions with us, on your own action or with your consent.
If a case occurs when we should be legally obliged to do so, or if a court commands it, it would be our duty to share your data with authorized organizations.
We will never resell any part of your data.


Les 9 Mondes can share your data to third parties (transporter, or bank company) for the processing of your transactions. In the shop section, it is possible that your financial data (card number, Twint, etc.) are shared with the financial establishment responsible for the transaction.
Please note that the financial organizations are held by their own privacy and data management policy, and that Les 9 Mondes are not accountable for the way these comapnies process your data.


The Swiss right applies in any dispute.


All the elements on the website (brands, logos, photographs, images, designs, texts, sub-domains and other elements displayed there) are property of Les 9 Mondes, except if clearly stated otherwise, as is the case with our partnerships with different parties. In this case, any element clearly identified as such is property of their respective author and Les 9 Mondes have the explicit permission to use this material. Browsing, downloading, or copying any part of this website does not give any right of use or intellectual property on it. Total or partial reproducing, transmitting (electronically or via other means), modifying, using the portal, adding links on it or to it for public or commercial ends are forbidden without prior written authorization. Any inquiry has to be sent in written form, whether it be by e-mail or physical mail.

Any unauthorized use of this website, or any element in it will be considered counterfeit and abuse, and will be sued according to articles L.335-2 and following of the Intellectual Property Codex.

Logos, product names, company name and webdesign are subject to copyright and are Les 9 Mondes' property.


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