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Sheep's horn, raw


Ranging from the everyday tool such as needles or buttons, to the mythico-fantasy creation such as our famous Bunnicorns, crafting is only limited by know-how and imagination...


Staying in the same mindset as with the pelts, we also collect the horns of sheeps (that otherwise would go to waste) and process them to turn them into drinking vessels, coating the inside with beeswax, the way it was done in days of yore.

However, despite some rare finds, archaeology hasn't proven that drinking hors were as popular as they are today in medieval pop culture. The ordinary drinking vessel was earthware, but glass was also largely used for this purpose, even though it was much more expensive.

White Bunnicorn exploring a plate of horn buttons

From our shop

Vikings liked games, even though accepting defeat wasn't one of their favourite pastimes ! Among the games played is hnefatafl, which name can be translated by "King's board or table", and it was played by two people.

A strategy game played in all of Europe since the 4th century, it was known to have several variants but we can only guess about the exact rules back then. It lost popularity when the game of chess, more complex, arrived around the 12th century.
Our game is inspired by the game pieces found in Birka and it uses the Sami rules of Tablut.
Playing the hnefatafl